Why Dinnissen?

We’re proud to be known for our expertise, quality products and tailor-made solutions. We’re even more proud that our customers and employees know they can count on us. By keeping engineering, production, testing, installation, commissioning and service in-house, we don’t have to rely on others, and that’s why others can rely on us.

We believe that continuity is the foundation of all worthwhile success. From a strong, solid base you’re able to act with speed and striking power. And it is from continuity, that creativity and innovation is able to thrive. In a world that is changing faster than ever, we’re here to offer continuity to our customers and employees all around the world.

In 1948 we created our first machine. Today, billions of people consume products that are touched by our machines, every day. During our 70 years in business, we have become a world leader in process technology in the world of powders, particles and granules. Curious about how our team managed this?

Would like to know more about the way we like to work? If so, check our core values to see if they fit with your thinking or contact one of our experts without any obligation.

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Core values


For us, being innovative means competing with yourself, and collaborating with others. We co-create with our customers throughout the entire project to provide tailor-made, high-quality solutions for every challenge. We won’t say we’re the best, but we’ll promise you: We’re better than yesterday.


Integrity, honesty and responsibility are life’s most important values. We’re known for doing the right things when nobody’s watching, and we’re proud that customers and employees all around the globe know they can count on us. We take responsibility for everything we do and deliver.

Win-win thinking

We think and act win-win. In everything we do, we focus on adding value for all players involved. By thinking conceptually creative, by seeing problems as potential solutions, and by being extremely persistent, we always manage to exceed our customers’ expectations. We’re Dinnissen, value innovators by nature.


We believe that simply wanting the best for others is always the best long-term strategy. We care deeply about our customers and colleagues, and we treat them as family. We find nothing more important than the well-being of the people closest to us.

Are you innovative, honest, friendly and do you think win-win in everything you do?
If so, you are a good fit for our team. Come and work at a worldwide winner.

We’re proud to be trusted by the best producers in the world

We’re proud to be trusted by the best producers in the world

70 years of history

Thanks to our constant drive to find unique solutions and more than 70 years of experience with the most diverse projects, you can now find Dinnissen solutions in the food, dairy, feed, pet food and chemical sectors. Today, the entire Dinnissen organization is characterized by development of innovative solutions for both stand-alone machines and complete process lines.

This contributes to making Dinnissen one of the front runners in process technology, helping many renowned clients worldwide by providing well-thought-out customized solutions that guarantee high and uniform quality, and guaranteed production continuity.

Would you like to know how working with Dinnissen works? You can read more about our method here.

Business philosophy

practice-oriented innovation department

That is why more than 200 motivated employees at Dinnissen are continuously encouraged to convert new ideas into working concepts themselves. To make this possible in practice, we have a practice-oriented innovation department in-house. Here our engineers are constantly working on further optimization of each component in the production process. In addition, we can run tests in laboratory setups in our D-Innocenter, so that you can be sure that you have tried, tested and proven technology. Moreover, thanks to Virtual Reality and simulation software, you can already see your new installation in detail during the design phase. This even allows us to address any complexities and open issues before construction of your machine or installation actually starts.

Thanks to these facilities, you get the certainty that you want during your production process in advance.

Given the diversity of industries and clients worldwide, Dinnissen is ISO 9001: 2015, 14001: 2015, 27001: 2013 and VCA certified. In addition, we build all our products in compliance with the ATEX, GMP, CE, HACCP and EHEDG machine guidelines

Future vision

Given the many awards and praises from clients worldwide, you can be sure that Dinnissen will continue to follow the strategy that it implements in the future. A future that we are happy to share with you. So, why not contact Dinnissen and find out about our quality and professionalism for yourself.

If you need grinding, sifting, weighing, mixing, dosing, drying, expanding, extruding, vacuum coating, to package and convey powders, pellets grain and granular materials, or a complete processing line, please feel free to contact without any obligation, the true specialist: Dinnissen! And experience from the first contact how the definition of professional industrial production becomes a reality.

Thanks to our unique combination of know-how including in-house production facilities and test facilities, we offer top-level service worldwide in almost all sectors of process technology.

Would you like to know how working with Dinnissen works? You can read more about our method here.

Our working method

An inventory of your wishes

What are your wishes and requirements with regard to the process, production quantities, the available space, sustainability, circularity and ROI? These are just samples of the topics that your Dinnissen Account Manager will discuss with you. After that, we will look into everything with you, to work out which installation fits best with your application. An essential part of this is the art of omission, which you will find structurally reflected in our approach and cooperation.

After the complete inventory you will receive a proposal with the most suitable solution, this is usually completed with explanations in the form of a complete P&ID (Piping & Instrumentation Diagram) and layout. This makes it immediately clear for your entire organization how the Dinnissen proposal will be integrated into your process.

If you wish, you can also test your product directly in the D-innocenter, or you can pay a reference visits to previously installed Dinnissen installations.

During the assignment, your entire project will be supervised by one Dinnissen Account Manager. In other words, you have one contact point for technical and commercial matters right up to final delivery.

Project management

From the start of a project, experienced Dinnissen project managers will guide you through realization of your project. This process starts with an innovative design and ends with a fully tested production line, including installation and commissioning.

During realization, your project manager is the link between your wishes and the Dinnissen departments involved. We focus entirely on a tight project lead time and maximum customer satisfaction..


As one of the most experienced machine manufacturers for processing solids in bulk, Dinnissen knows exactly how these should be developed for the future. We have an experienced engineering team ready to help you with this.

This department works with the latest developments in the field of 3D engineering. This gives you direct insight into what will ultimately be built right from the start. Thanks to thorough knowledge of production processes within the dairy, food, chemical, compound feed and pet food sectors, Dinnissen offers you perfect customized solutions.


Thanks to complete integration between our engineering and automation department, you will be completely relieved of any stress in all your projects. Our experienced electrical engineers develop the entire automation system. And the electrical hardware and software engineers guarantee optimum machine-setup control in accordance with the ISA-88 standard.


Dinnissen has a modern production facility where activities such as laser cutting, edging, rolling, turning and milling are carried out quickly for you. Naturally, our welders are continuously trained and they have all the required welding certificates. Our facilities ensure that your wishes come true quickly and flexibly.

rolling mill


With our own assembly supervisors and teams, your projects are professionally installed, anywhere in the world. We consult with your project manager and assembly supervisor to determine the required staffing during the projects, so that everything runs smoothly on location. They inform you about details and the progress, and the safety of all persons involved is always paramount.


From development of the functional specification to training the operators, our Dinnissen process engineers will be involved in your project. Thanks to their many years of production experience in the compound feed, pet food, dairy, food and chemical sectors, they are extremely capable of quickly and properly commissioning your production line.

We will only offer final delivery, after the entire installation operates according to your wishes and specifications.

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Frans Bakker - Chief Commercial Officer

We believe that continuity is the foundation of all worthwhile success.

Frans Bakker - Chief Commercial Officer