Egg yolk powder

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Egg yolk powder is dried powder of the egg yolk. The egg yolk is dried with a special spray and is rich in nutrients. 1 kilogram of egg yolk powder is equivalent to 103 egg yolks of 60 eggs. Egg yolk powder can be used in milk products, ice cream mayonnaise etc. Are you producing with products like egg yolk powder? Dinnissen surely can help you to find the right solution for your egg yolk powder process.

Dinnissen Process Technology is able to work with various challenging powders. In this way, Dinnissen can offer the right solution for egg yolk powder which enables our customers to produce the best-possible products.

Egg yolk powder
Egg yolk powder

Egg yolk powder procesing equipment

Processing lines specially aimed at egg yolk powder

The process is as follows: First of all, we mix with our Pegasus® Mixer, after mixing the egg yolk powder is brought to a sieve by means of pneumatic transport where we sieve inline. After sieving the egg yolk powder is packed with a high care packing solution.
Dinnissen offers a large number of machines for processing egg yolks. One of these machines is the big bag emptying station. This machines relates to his name, it is for emptying of big bags. These big bags can be docked with an ergonomic system. The big bag emptying station is truly the best option for producers working with egg yolk powders.

We have delivered several successful projects for the processing of egg yolk powder. Below you can find some examples of machines and complete processing lines designed for egg yolk powder.

Examples of equipment suitable for the processing of egg yolk powder

DIMA®-X 200 bag emptying machine
Pegasus® 4500 Wingdoor
CZ wingdoor sifter
Big bag filling stations
Sampling System
Pegasus® Mixers collection
Filling head big bag filling station
Pegasus 3000 mixer
Sampling System
Centrifugal sifter wingdoor
Big bag unloading stations with dima
Pegasus 4500 mixer
Sampling system disassembled
Centrifugal sifter 4

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Egg yolk powder