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Eggwhite powder

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Protein powder consists of pure proteins and is the purest protein for your body. It has a very high biological value by nature and is easily absorbed. 1 kilogram of this product equals approximately 260 eggs. Whether you are producing products like eggwhite powder, Dinnissen surely can help you to find the right solution for your eggwhite powder process. 

Our team of experienced food specialists are real experts. They know everything about food products like eggwhite powder. Due our experience, we are able to work with various challenging powders. In this way, Dinnissen can offer the right solution for eggwhite powder which enables our customers to produce the best-possible products.

Eggwhite powder procesing equipment

Processing lines specially aimed at egg white powder

The processing of eggwhite powder is almost identical to the processing of egg yolk powder and works as follow. First of all, a batch is mixed with our Pegasus Mixer. The product is then transported to a sieve by means of pneumatic transport. The sieve is sieved inline and then packed with a high care solution. It's possible to pack the powder in small bags or in big-bags. This is possible with our big bag filling station. This machine has a hygienic design and a integrated lifting table. In order to fill the big bag as well as possible, it is first preformed. The big bag filling station is the best option for producers working with products like eggwhite powder.

Below you can find some other successful examples of machines and projects we deliverd for the processing of eggwhite powder.

Protein powder

below are some examples of equipments suitable for the processing of eggwhite powder

DIMA®-X 200 bag emptying machine
Pegasus® 4500 Wingdoor
CZ wingdoor sifter
Big bag filling stations
Sampling System
Pegasus® Mixers collection
Filling head big bag filling station
Pegasus 3000 mixer
Sampling System
Centrifugal sifter wingdoor
Big bag unloading stations with dima
Pegasus 4500 mixer
Sampling system disassembled
Centrifugal sifter 4

Our food processing solutions

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To create production processes of the highest quality, we work closely with Dinnissen: One of the strongest players in the world in process technology and hygienic design.

Gerben Koopmans – Project Engineering Manager – Nestlé



Protein powder