Online Expo Autumn 2021

Welcome to our online Autumn Trade Fair 2021.

Here we present the latest developments at Dinnissen Process Technology. We will provide insight into our fully traceable production process, demonstrate the cleanability of our machines and proudly present yet another unique Pegasus® mixer. 

Dinnissen BV

At this online autumn exhibition, we will provide you with a glimpse of the latest innovations and developments at Dinnissen.
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We produce with full TRACEABILITY to guarantee high quality and safety. 


more efficient production AND improved food safety through hygienic design by dinnissen.


Dinnissen designs, produces and installs another unique PEGASUS® mixer.


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Unique Big-Bag filling system
During the Solids 2021 fair in Rotterdam Dinnissen showed a new and unique Big-Bag filling system, designed for a high-care environment. Watch a video here in which Frans Bakker tells more about this unique system. 


Very accessible Pegasus® Mixer
Besides the big-bag filling system, the project for this client also included a large Pegasus® mixer (3500 litres). A nice combination of hygienic design, smart accessibility and trusted Pegasus® technology. 

Curious about the entire process? 
Feel free to contact our experts for more information about this example of our system integration. If you don't want to miss out on news about this project and other case studies, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

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Dinnissen BV

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