Infant formula

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What is infant formula? Infant formula is a way of feeding your baby so that he/she gets all the important nutrients that he/she needs. It is possible to use infant formula in combination with breastfeeding. Infant formula is usually made from cow's milk with an adjustment to make it suitable for babies. Dinnissen Process Technology would be delighted if we could help you with your production process.

We have a lot of experts in our team. Our experts have experience for decades and that enables us to find and produce the right innovative solution for your specific process. With our technical know-how, strive to be the best and knowledge, no challenge is too much for us.

Infant formula
Infant formula

Infant formula processing equipment

Machines designed specifically for infant formula

We want to achieve the expectations of our costumers. With our experience is it possible to have a wide range of dairy specific processing equipment. As example the Pegasus® Mixer or the high care big bag filling station. The product in the mixer will be gentle handled to stop damage and get a higher yield. The Pegasus® Mixer is tailor-made to meet the strict requirements in this sector. The high care big bag filling station has a hygienic design and will be gassed with nitrogen before and after the batch for a longer shelf life.
These machines have a very unique design, in combination with the hygienic features, makes it truly the best option for producers working with infant formula.

If you want to see some photographs of these and other machines, below are some examples of complete lines and machines for the processing of infant formula.

below are some examples of suitable equipment for the processing of infant formula

Pegasus® 4500 Wingdoor
Sampling System
Big bag unloading stations with dima
Pegasus 3000 mixer
Sampling system disassembled
DIMA®-X 200 bag emptying machine
Big bag filling stations
Pegasus® Mixers collection
Filling head big bag filling station
Pegasus 4500 mixer

Our dairy processing solutions

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It's not possible for us to show more projects related to dairy products or infant formula.
If you wish to know more about our experience or what we could do for your specific production process,
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Gerben Koopmans – Project Engineering Manager – Nestlé

To create production processes of the highest quality, we work closely with Dinnissen: One of the strongest players in the world in process technology and hygienic design.

Gerben Koopmans – Project Engineering Manager – Nestlé



Infant formula