Automatic barrel emptier

For toxic, explosive powdery products

Automatic emptying of 200 dm³ drums - Maximum safety - Clean result

Personal protection, ergonomics and a safe workplace: these are also areas where Dinnissen will provide you with an optimum solution. Take for example this scoop for fully automatic emptying of 200 dm³ drums with toxic, explosive powdery products.

The process starts with the supply of the closed barrels, which are placed on the roller conveyor by the operator. The lid is then automatically removed with a special head piece and cleaned in a separate cabin with a neutral liquid.

After the barrel arrives on a specially developed turntable in the second cabin, the operator removes any 'inliner' and possible powder residues via the easily accessible hatch, and then the still filled barrel goes on a roller conveyor to the third cabin. Here the vessel is clamped, turned and emptied by a gripping arm. In the meantime, the operator can look into the barrel while rotating and use the special 'beater' to whip any powder residue off the barrel’s surface.

System Integration Chemicals Automatics barrel emptying

The results? A clean barrel!

Both the possible inliner and the powder residues continue on their route on the roller conveyor, from where the inliner taken completely automatically to the shredder and then shredded. Because these shredded parts could still be contaminated with the toxic or explosive product residue, they are stored in a special container that is ultimately filled with a cleaning liquid for safe disposal. After emptying, the operator rinses and blows the container clean, after which it is automatically released through a secured hatch.

Maximum safety

To ensure additional safety, each cabin is secured with its own automatic door and/or hatch. In the case of potentially explosive products, the operator can, if desired, inject nitrogen into the cabin, which reduces the risk of explosion to almost zero. The built-in air dryer, the filters and permanent negative pressure prevent vapours from spreading into the installation. The electronic controls and monitoring including visualisations have all been developed in-house by Dinnissen.

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