Hamex® Fully Automatic Hammer Mill

Reliable, low-maintenance and an increased production capacity

The Hamex® Fully Automatic Hammer Mill has been developed for grinding soft to medium-hard products such as sugars and minerals to Fineness from 150 microns to approximately 3 mm.

In the hammer mill, the free-hanging hammers swing around at a high speed in the grinding chamber. Depending on the properties of the product to be ground, we work with single, double or T-hammers. The centrifugal force created in this way smashes the material to be ground against special rupture disks on the inside of the grinding chamber. The ground product then leaves the hammer mill through the exchangeable screen.

This Fully Automatic version comes equipped with a fully automatic screen changing system. The rotor can continue rotating during changes, which saves you around ten minutes of production time per screen change. That is the time it normally takes for the rotor to come to a standstill. And that means big time savings if you need to change products regularly.

During the change, the screen in its screen holder is driven out of the machine fully automatically, while the rotor keeps rotating and the housing remains closed. This means that the hammer mill is only out of service for a short time and operator safety is guaranteed. The screen is then changed completely automatically, with a choice between eight screen positions and four different perforation sizes.

Thanks to the robust design and the relatively low speed of up to 1800 RPM, the noise level is minimal. This is both nice for the operator and good for reliability. And this Hamex® hammer mill is equipped with large inspection hatches that provide quick and easy access for inspection, cleaning and maintenance of the relevant parts.

Higher production capacity

Additionally, the Hamex® Hammer Mill comes equipped with a stone trap and magnet that separate iron particles and hard objects from the product to be processed. This helps prevent product contamination and damage to the screens. And you can opt for an airflow system that regulates throughput of particles with the correct fineness quickly and efficiently. This increases capacity and saves energy consumption.

Would you like to know how the Hamex® Fully Automatic hammer mill could add value in your process? Feel free to contact one of our specialists by sending an email to powtech@dinnissen.nl or calling +31774673555, without any obligation.

Hamex Hammermill with automatic sieve exchanger

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