Magi-con® dosing system

Accurately add micro-ingredients with vacuum coating technology

Elastic granular materials that crumb less quickly - Higher energy values in feed - Prevents contamination

Animal feed manufacturers regularly face new challenges to meet their customers’ high level of quality requirements. This is certainly the case when it comes to adding micro-ingredients with precision. After all, adding too many micro-ingredients such as fats, enzymes, vitamins and minerals is means waste. And insufficient amounts of micro-ingredients means lost effectiveness.

With the Magi-con® you can flexibly produce a wide range of feed in small and large quantities in your own factory and deliver products that fully meet your customers’ specifications.

Existing techniques not accurate enough

Until recently, micro-ingredients, no matter whether heat-resistant or not, were applied to the pellets using a spray technique, in which they were exposed to heat in the pressing process and their effectiveness was partially or completely lost. Using heat-resistant additives seemed to be a solution. However, in addition to the various production and contamination disadvantages, these are considerably more expensive, and not all micro-ingredients are available in this variant.

Vacuum appeared to be the solution

With the Magi-con® the feed is brought to a vacuum environment and then sprayed with precision dosage. The micro-ingredients are sucked deep into the grain through the vacuum, and that has the effect of protecting them against crumbling at the same time. A thin layer of fat is then applied to the granular feed material. Thanks to this extra protective layer - and the additives drawn into the granules - making the material more elastic so that it breaks or crumbs less quickly. In addition, this allows achieving higher energy values in the feed and prevents contamination. Thanks to this vacuum coating technique you can dose micro-ingredients in powder or liquid form with maximum precision, which saves costs and offers more certainty of the actual effect.

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Our challenge? 

Optimization of your entire process

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