Potato starch

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Potato starch is starch made from the cells of potatoes. It's been milling, crushed, grated and dried to realise the starch. This product can be used as a thickener (instead of flour) to replace products like cornstarch because it tolerates higher temperatures. Potato starch is very popular in Europe. Are you producing with potato starch? We can help you to find the right solution for your process.

Our team of experienced food specialists are truly experts. Do you have a question about potato starch or another food product? They know all the answers for you. With this knowledge, keep everything in-house and our smart way of working enables us to strive to be the best one and find the innovative solution for your specific production process.

Potato starch
Potato starch

Potato starch processing equipment

Processing lines specially developed for potato starch

We have innovated several machines for the processing of potato starch in the last decades. For example the hammer mill, this machine can be tailor-made to meet the strict requirements of the food industry. Our hammer mill has an very efficient milling-process combined with a low noise level. This machine is developed for a short change time by automatic sieve change. This ensures more up time / capacity. 

Another machine is our Pegasus® Mixer. This machine has a custom design and hygienic features. It's possible to do multiple steps like mixing and accurate moistening in just one single step. This makes it possible to generate a high capacity combined with a low footprint. These features are making the Pegasus® Mixer truly the best option for producers working with potato starch.

The hammer mill and the Pegasus® Mixer aren't the only machines to create a successful processing line for potato starch. Below you can find some examples of machines and innovative processing lines for this product.

examples of innovative equipment suitable for the processing of potato starch

Hamex Hammer Mill 02
Big bag filling stations
Pegasus® 4500 Wingdoor
Sampling System
Feeder valve Dinnissen
Hamex Hammer Mill with semi automatic sieve change system open
sample carousel
Pegasus 4500 mixer
Feeder valve overview

Our food processing solutions

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Previously, we had standard times in the mixing process of 14 - 15 minutes. With the Pegasus® mixer we achieve a mixing time of 60 seconds per batch.

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Potato starch