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The industrial experience economy

As in other sectors, users of products and/or services in industry are asking the question – What do I get for my investment and is it worth it? After all, we live in an economy that increasingly revolves around the concept of experience. What you encounter and experience is leading. That is why the entire Dinnissen organization does not only produce the best machines for you, we also pay a lot of attention to key topics of concern, such as hygiene, process-interference reduction, efficiency, ergonomics and many other requirements that the client might have. The combination of these topics generates a substantial list of points for attention that we go through carefully before, during and after production of your machine.

Why do we do that? The answer is simple. If Dinnissen is able to protect you against claims, malfunctions and other production-threatening factors, you can reap the benefits from that. And that experience is in the interest of both parties. You will find these types of points of attention in the Dinnissen-SLA, which is drawn up entirely on the basis of your particular wishes. Moreover, Dinnissen has all the required disciplines in-house, which means that we can respond to all your questions and wishes quickly and properly.

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Spare parts

Spare parts stocks are meant to keep your machines operational continuously. 

Minimizing waiting times for delivery of the right parts to the right destination is of substantial importance.

As a matter of course, Dinnissen will help you minimize any possible machine downtime. At Dinnissen, we use a special spare parts management system, in which specific parts subject to wear are not only immediately available but are also shipped quickly to the required destination.

But there are case where parts that are less susceptible to wear can be damaged by improper use or through external influences, and that can cause your production to come to a halt too. Dinnissen is always happy to work with you on working out which wear-prone or other machine parts we should keep in stock for you. Because no matter what or how you want it, we will arrange it for you directly and properly, and your requirements will be recorded in a rock-solid agreement.

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Dinnissen Productivity Platform (DPP)

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How do you get maximum output from your machines? How can Smart Industry, IOT and remote management help you make processes more efficient and financially profitable?

Machinery management and production-insight are becoming increasingly relevant within the entire manufacturing industry. A range of cloud technologies can be of help here.

The Dinnissen Productivity Platform is a good example of this, in which your machine or installation communicates with you through the cloud. This provides you with a simple safe and reliable way to gain insight into the output of your production installation at any time and location, including the service status and possible production interruptions. DPP provides you with an all-in-one solution, in which the most valuable production data can be retrieved in a simple way on your mobile, tablet or PC. The benefits this offers you include the following:

  • Remote service
  • Machine monitoring
  • Alarm generation
  • High end dashboard creation
  • The cloud based DPP – automatic update when you log in
  • View your data from HMI screen on your mobile, tablet or PC, including real-time information

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Obviously, we have an in-house laboratory at Dinnissen, where the we can test the characteristics of raw materials, auxiliary materials and semi-finished products before using them. In addition, we can analyse the test results in our D-Innocenter for desired product characteristics.

This all contribute to Dinnissen’s capability to design and build the ideal installation for you, which will allow you to achieve the best possible results. After all, as a producer, you want constant product quality at the end of your process, so that you remain free of claims and product liability concerns.

Why not make use of the facilities that we at Dinnissen can offer you in this area? Let us help you achieve the desired end quality. And benefit from our advice on the right product packaging. Dinnissen offers you certainty and continuity, backed by our more than 70 years of expertise and proven quality.

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Engineering Dinnissen


Dinnissen works closely with a wide variety of clients to develop and optimize innovative solutions.

That is why investments have been made in in-house D-Innocenter, where we simulate and test the concepts we arrive at. After all, seeing is believing!

Realistic practical test
Would you like to test for capacity while emptying Big Bags, sifting, grinding, crushing or mixing? Do you need to measure dust emission from an item? Would you like to know exactly how much residue has remained? Do you want to perform a baseline measurement or do you want to know whether the mixed volume of micro-ingredients is correct? Would you like to check the speed, capacity and/or breakage risk of your conveyor setup in advance?

You will find a complete test set-up in the D-Innocenter for each of these features, which will test every practical scenario and prove that the solution offered meets the specifications. This guarantees you that, once realized, the solution will be immediately operational in your own production environment and will deliver the desired capacity. And that is a comfortable feeling.

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Henk Kuijpers - Chief Executive Officer

We believe that simply wanting the best for our customers and employees is the best long-term strategy.

Henk Kuijpers - Chief Executive Officer