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At Dinnissen you keep growing

Finding, training and retaining the best talent is crucial to working faster and smarter every day. Dinnissen draws up career plans with its employees to ensure that they can continue to develop. Together with the employee, a plan is outlined that allows them to grow within the company and learn skills that fit the Dinnissen way of working. We have been working for the company for some time, but our development is still stimulated every day.

It is great to show the new guys all the facets of the trade. Internal courses give young talents the chance to learn new skills and talents are further trained. From assembling and welding machines to making semi-finished products. That is also how we started. Dinnissen then offers internal courses by which the new talents specialize in a particular direction within our company. For example, within the food sector the finishing standards are different than within the feed sector. In that respect, each specialism requires a different approach.

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Working at Dinnissen

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Internal welding course

Dinnissen offers the opportunity to take internal welding courses. Talents are trained to level 2 and receive a certificate. This is a unique offer; we know of no other company in the region with a similar philosophy. Dinnissen also offers the opportunity to advance to level 3 or 4. The internal welding course covers both TIG welding and MIG/MAG welding.

 On behalf of Dinnissen, we (Giel Philipsen and Quinten Driesprong) offer an internal welding course. We started training to obtain levels 2, 3 and 4 ourselves, when Dinnissen did not yet offer internal welding courses. The welding world is a small place, and when we were in the process of completing the IWP training, we were asked if we wanted to give courses ourselves. Quinten: “I always wanted to become a teacher myself, so this was a project I was keen to take up within Dinnissen.”.

Enthusiastic welders and high quality

Giel: “It's nice to see where we started and where we're going now. The quality of the welding work is excellent, the boys are very enthusiastic and the appreciation is big." With the internal welding courses we want to take Dinnissen to an even higher level. The goal is to have a stable base, to ensure a high level of welding throughout the company and to train talents for special welding tasks. We want our talents to really learn something during their time at Dinnissen and want to develop further within our company.


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Working at Dinnissen

Henk Kuijpers - Chief Executive Officer

We believe that simply wanting the best for our customers and employees is the best long-term strategy.

Henk Kuijpers - Chief Executive Officer