Dilute phase transport

Pneumatic conveying

One of the most commonly used techniques for pneumatically conveying bulk goods is with air or gas. Dinnissen offers you the following solutions: Suction conveyors (negative pressure), air conveyors (blown) (positive), dilute or dense phase conveying, slow flow/ medium phase conveying and closed loop

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Mechanical conveying

In each production process, there are often sub-processes in which powders, pellets, grain and granular materials must preferably be conveyed free of contamination and damage. With simple or short distances, mechanical conveying is usually the smartest choice. Here you should consider elevators, chain conveyors, screws and vibration chutes. Dinnissen Process Technology helps food, dairy product, animal feed, pet food and chemical companies with development and production of the right system for each scenario. Speed, capacity, energy consumption, wear and tear, hygiene, susceptibility to breakage and the prevention of contamination are often the most important topics on which the correct advice must be based.

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Bag handling 04
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Bag handling in operation

Bag handling

Dinnissen Process Technology develops and supplies systems for docking and conveying bags, containers, barrels and Big Bags. Commonly chosen components here include conveyor belts, Big Bag or regular roller or chain conveyors, turntables, traverses and delivery points, empty pallet dispensers and transfer points. The guiding principal is to achieve a conveyor system in which all individual components connect seamlessly, to form an integral part of your entire production process.

If you use bagged materials, the infeed can be handled manually as well as automatically, which is especially desirable in a high-care environment. In terms of design, this involves conveyor belts combined with an integrated stripping table. The automatic bag lift for conveying materials to a higher level is yet another example of the options. If you want to automate more extensively, our cleaning booth for stripped bags is a good option. The bag is blown clean with ionized air or it undergoes UV treatment in a special tunnel. With the help of an advanced scanning system you can also integrate a complete product track & trace system. In addition to all that, Dinnissen offers you complete systems for conveying freshly filled Big Bags, including conveyor belts, roller conveyors and Big Bag palletisers and/or pallet dispensers.

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Vibration conveying

Vibration conveyors consist of a tubular or chute-shaped housing, through which the raw materials are conveying by means of a vibrating movement. This form of transport is extremely suitable if fast and thorough cleaning is required, because there are no internal moving parts.

Above all, vibration conveyors are exceptionally suitable for fracture-sensitive powders, flakes and products where fat or liquid can escape. And you should be aware that Dinnissen has optimized its vibration chute by providing access doors along the entire conveyor length. This makes the vibration chute easy to inspect and quick to clean manually.

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We’re proud to be trusted by the best producers in the world

We’re proud to be trusted by the best producers in the world

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Optimization of your entire process

At Dinnissen we will be happy to help you automate and innovate your entire process with customized solutions. Dinnissen can add value in every process step. Take a look at our solutions for each step of processing powders, pellets grain and granular materials: