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The crusher operates based on the rotor/stator principle, in which the product is reduced by cams on a central shaft in combination with stator combs mounted in the housing.

The direct-driven machines have an extra robust design and are therefore extremely suitable for breaking soft to medium-hard chunks, clods or lumps and agglomerates. The crusher’s low rotational speed makes it possible to achieve relatively high capacities with low energy consumption. This machine’s low heat development during operation makes it outstandingly capable of reducing moist and fatty products such as cocoa cake, filter cake and cinnamon sticks.

The fineness range is between 4 mm and 300 microns. Depending on the final fineness you want, different rotor versions are available, with capacities up to 20 tons/hour. This capacity is of course dependent on the product and the desired fineness. For applications in the fine range, the rotor is placed above a screen section. The crushed/ground material is rotated over the screen to further reduce the product. An easily accessible drawer allows the option of removing the screen section. The rotor has no hollow spaces and is bearing-mounted on one side, so that it can be driven from the housing by a guide rod, for easy cleaning and inspection.

The crusher is also available as an EHEDG (European Hygienic and Design Group) version for the 'high end' food industry and Infant Food. This version is made entirely of stainless-steel and has a very high-quality finish.

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Hamex® hammer mill

Reducing the size of materials is often an important process step.

The Dinnissen Hamex® hammer mills, which are available in various sizes with 1,500 RPM and 3,000 RPM, have been used successfully in many sectors for decades. This is because they are known for their high level of reliability, extremely efficient grinding process and very low noise level.

The product to be milled is dosed into the hammer mill through an infeed device with an integrated magnet system and a heavy-part separator, which prevents contamination in the mill. Inside the mill, the hammers attached to the rotor rotate at high speed and thus break up the product. Parts of the product that become fine enough during the process leave the grinding chamber through the sifting screen plate. The particle size of the milled product is determined by the speed of the hammers and size of the mesh openings in the screen plate.

In many production processes, a well-defined particle size is essential, e.g. for achieving the correct level of feed conversion or required product properties. That is why the Dinnissen Hamex® hammer mill can be equipped with frequency-controlled drives to reduce changeover times and with a semi-automatic or fully-automatic screen change system. The fully automatic changing system can change up to four sets of seven automatically.

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DinnoX hygienic hammermill
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DinnoX hygienic Hammer mill
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Dinnox mill

The grinding principle of the Dinnox stainless-steel mill is based on the Dinnissen hammer mill and is characterized by its very compact design, variable rotor speed and one-side bearing.

Thanks to this one-sided bearing arrangement, the rotor can be completely driven out of the housing for cleaning, inspection, changing the impact bars and adjusting the hammer setting. The sifting screen plates are also easily accessible through hatches and can be changed quickly, making this mill ideal for an efficient production process.

The capacity is between 30–6,000 kg/hour, depending on the product and the desired fineness, which can be in a range from approximately 3 mm to 150 microns. The Dinnox mill complies with the EHEDG guidelines and, because of its stainless-steel version, is ideally suited as a grinding step in the food industry or in a milling process where there might be wet cleaning. If you wish, you are welcome to test the Dinnox mill with your own product in the Dinnissen test room.

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Centrifugal mill

If your process requires a very finely ground product, our universal centrifugal mills offer a perfect solution.

The relatively high rotor speeds produce a lot of air displacement, which has a cooling effect on the product being milled. Various rotor and stator versions are available, depending on the product for grinding and the desired fineness. These include pins, a turbo engine or accessories such as an extra paddle wheel that can keep the grinding track free while grinding greasy and sticky products. These grinding systems must be equipped with extensive filter installations and a fan to guarantee air/gas movement over the universal mill.

Depending on the situation and application, these cast steel or stainless-steel mills are available in a pressure and impact resistant versions up to 10 bar. A major advantage is that they are bearing-mounted on one side only, which means that the rotor can be driven completely out of the housing for inspection, maintenance and cleaning. Depending on the product, the capacity is between 100 and 11,500 kg/hour, and the desired fineness can vary from 700 to 30 microns. If required, the grinding systems can also function fully under nitrogen in a 'closed loop', which makes cryogenic grinding possible too.

Centrifugal mill

Crumbler Dinnissen

Roller mill

With a roller mill, a product is compressed and reduced between two counter-rotating rotating rollers.

A major advantage of this process is that the proportion of fine particles (powders or dust) remains minimal compared to other grinding principles and that a nice homogeneous grain-size distribution is achievable.

We can provide rollers with different profiles, which means that the product can be cut or rubbed more. The speed and the space between the rollers can also be adjusted to suit the desired product. Another option is to have the product fed through one, two or three pairs of rollers, so that the product is progressively reduced in size. The space between the rollers is infinitely adjustable, with an accuracy of 0.2 mm.

Thanks to the low energy consumption, low heat development, high capacity and the homogeneous grain-size distribution, the Dinnissen roller mill is extremely efficient at reducing the size of your product, and with a minimum number of fine particles. We have a roller mill ready for you to see in action in our test room.

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Shredders, also known as cutting and knife mills, are especially suitable for reducing the size of soft and tough products.

Dinnissen shredders, available in various types of material, are equipped with one or two rotors with mounted, hardened, wear-resistant and easily exchangeable blades. In addition to that, there are additional stator knives in the grinding chamber.

To ensure achieving the exact desired grinding fineness, the clearance between the directly driven rotor and the housing is precision-adjustable. Thanks to the modular configuration and the frequency-controlled, variable rotor speed, Dinnissen shredders are used for many processes including shredding leaf herbs, chilli peppers, gelatine and cellulose sheets, while they are also used in non-food applications, e.g. plastic and rubber recycling.

The desired product fineness is determined by the clearance between the knives, often < 0.3 mm.

Furthermore, the built-in air circulation system ensures low energy consumption at low capacities. If desired, the shredder can be made completely gas-tight and can therefore integrate perfectly into closed-loop process lines, which must be completely inert.

cutting mill
cutting mill Dinnissen

Smoothiemaker Dinnissen
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More and more people are realizing that it is better to replace consumption of excessive amounts of sugars and fats with healthy, tasty products, such as fresh fruit and vegetables.

Dinnissen Process Technology has developed, for a number of research centres, an industrial blender that pulps fresh fruit and vegetables into a processable product for spraying, mixing and vacuum-coating processes. And it is used for preparing ready-made 'smoothies’. But the animal feed industry has also discovered this blender, mainly for pulping alternative raw materials, e.g. to make them ready for adding to a conditioning process of algae, insects or other protein substitutes.

This ergonomically designed blender is easy to fill, empty and clean hygienically, which means it meets the strictest food safety standards. And its design ensures that pulping is done very quickly with a homogeneous end product. The special knife construction ensures that there is hardly  any heat transferred into the product, which means that maximum flavour and nutrient value is retained. A very fine end product can also be obtained by using the required vortex. If required, this pulp can even be applied to another carrier material through liquid injection in the Dinnissen Pegasus® mixer or vacuum coater.

Would you like to know more about our shredders and pulpers and system integration with them? Please feel free to contact one of our specialists without any obligation.

We’re proud to be trusted by the best producers in the world

We’re proud to be trusted by the best producers in the world

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