Pegasus Megamixer (front)
Pegasus Gravity mixing
Pegasus 1000MG drawable mixer
Pegasus 3000 mixer
Pegasus 7500 mixer
Pegasus 4500 mixer

Pegasus® Mixer

Would you like to achieve a high-quality mix quickly? Would you like to be sure you have the best mixing result? And the most optimal financial return?

A compact mixer with a minimum mixing time could possibly ensure significantly increased margin for you . The Pegasus® paddle mixer is a good example. Because this 'all-rounder' can mix virtually any type of powder, granule or extruded products quickly and effectively, thanks to its well-thought-out design, and does so without product damage.

Products with a different mass and composition can be mixed homogeneously within just a few seconds. During this process you can even spray-mix liquids to create a homogeneous mixture.

If you want more capacity or require specific applications, the Pegasus® double-axis paddle mixer may be an option. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Pegasus® Continuous Mixer

Despite its relatively small size, the Pegasus® continuous mixer still allows you to mix large quantities of products quickly and efficiently.

The continuous mixing process produces a consistent, high-quality mixture of your basic product, and allows you to add both solids and liquids at the same time to produce a perfect end product.

This Pegasus® mixer is a preferred option for many different process applications due to its wide-ranging applicability. For example, this applies to specific extruder applications, where maintaining a consistent, high-quality final mixture is desired during addition of a pre-mixed or preconditioned product.

This also applies in scenarios where you need to add expensive additives or specific ingredients. Of course, you do not want any loss of those materials during the process or conveying, and you do not want them to contaminate your entire production line. With this Pegasus® mixer you can add the necessary additives just before packaging, which makes it the perfect mixer for many processes.

Pegasus 7C-MG Mixer
Pegasus 7C-MG Mixer open
Pegasus 7C-MG Mixer driven out

Pegasus D-Top with CIP-cleaning
Thermidor process
Thermidor process

Pegasus® Processing Mixers

With many production processes, the desired end product is not realizable with standard process machines.

However, the Pegasus® mixer and vacuum coater often actually meets the basic conditions that these process steps must meet. They can often realize these complex processes with only minimal modifications. This makes the Pegasus® vacuum or regular mixer a versatile machine in which several complex processes or process steps can be combined. Illustrative examples of this include steam injection, drying, cooling, mixing, applying liquids and powders, mixing under a protective atmosphere and putting liquids onto a carrier. It is even possible to combine these processes, so that you only need one machine for the entire production process, right through to the end product.

The Thermidor system is a good example, in which steam is injected into flour, and then dried and cooled. In this way, flour is completely hygienized with only one machine. The 5-in-1 Pegasus® mixer is another example, in which the base product is mixed and sprayed, and the dry additives are added as a topcoat so that they then dry and cool in the same process step. Other process combinations are also possible if required or desired.

Would you like to know more about our Pegasus® Continuous and Processing mixers and system integration with them? Please feel free to contact one of our specialists without any obligation.

Pegasus® Vacuum core coating

The Pegasus® vacuum core coater was developed by Dinnissen over 25 years ago for putting oil, to provide extra energy, into the core of fish feed. That was not possible with the machines available at the time.

The double-axis Pegasus® paddle mixer forms the basis of this vacuum coater. So, it meets all specific conditions for adding liquids and powders in high or lower doses to grain, pellets, granular materials, crumb, meal/flours and other powders.

Using additional vacuum allows liquids and any aromas and flavours to penetrate into the core of the basic product. This use of vacuum permits addition of higher liquid-percentages to a basic product. After all, the vacuum causes the additives to be sucked into the basic product and they will not be released afterwards.

The Pegasus® vacuum coater is ideal for aqua feed and pet food production, pet food and applications in the food industry. Hygienic designs have also been developed for food and pet food applications, including CIP cleaning.  This coater is also used in the food industry for special processes, such as adding flavourings.

Are you curious about whether our vacuum coaters can add value to your Process? Please feel free to contact one of our specialists without any obligation.

Pegasus Vacuum coater with spraying pipe
Pegasus Vacuum coater open lab
Pegasus Vacuum Coating process
Liquid dosing unit
Pegasus 10VC LAB Mixer
PG-10VC LAB Mixer open
Pegasus vacuum process
Pegasus vacuum coater with bunker
Pegasus® Vacuum Coater
We’re proud to be trusted by the best producers in the world

We’re proud to be trusted by the best producers in the world

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