DIMA®-X 200 bag emptying machine
Dima 1200 bag emptying machine
automatic bag emptying installation
Dima bag emptying machine

DIMA® bag unloading system for regular, hazardous and toxic products

The modularly designed DIMA® series is characterized by efficient and ergonomic bagged-goods product infeed, from 1 to more than 1,200 bags per hour.

If it is a matter of low capacity, a hygienic application or the desire for maximum flexibility, then the DIMA®-MAN is your choice. Depending on your wishes, you have the option for a manual bag unloading system, a separate bag dumping booth or a fully integrated unit with a glove-box for ergonomic bag unloading.

Another possibility is the semi-automatic DIMA®-100, which is mainly used for unloading harmful products. With this system, the bag is opened and emptied under safe conditions. The DIMA®-200X offers a solution for the most critical applications or toxic products. The bags are emptied and discharged fully automatically. If you need to process large quantities of bulk material, we can offer you our DIMA®-300, DIMA®-600 and DIMA®-1200. With these systems you can load the bagged goods per pallet, so that 1 operator with a forklift can process up to 40 tons of product per hour. All systems from the DIMA® series are available in an ATEX version and can be extended with an integrated extractor fan, product infeed and an empty bag compactor.

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Modular Big Bag unloading station

The modular designed unloading station is characterized by efficient and ergonomic Big Bag product infeed.

The safety of your employees is the central concern here. That is why the Big Bag is lifted by a hoisting frame and connected with an inflatable cuff to guarantee a dust-free emptying spout. During emptying, the Big Bag is additionally activated by vibration so that 'poorly-flowing' products can also be processed perfectly.

The unloading station can be extended entirely with an integrated hoist system, a bag-dumping booth and an automatic weighing and dosing system to dispense from the Big Bag directly without an additional weighing hopper. There is also an option for a negative pressure cabin, especially designed for releasing toxic products. Dinnissen is happy to advise you on the possibilities to match your specific wishes. For example, if your application requires a hygienic and/or ATEX version, Dinnissen can provide outstanding assistance for you too.

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Big bag unloading stations
Big bag unloading stations with dima
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System Integration - Chemicals - Automatic barrel emptying
System Integration - Chemicals - Automatic barrel emptying
System Integration Chemicals Automatics barrel emptying

Drum/container handling

Would you like to unload powders in a dust-free way? In that case, you need to opt for the fully automated drum and container handling system, equipped with a hydraulic, electric or pneumatically operated tipping system.

If there are toxic or dangerous substances, handling and/or unloading of the drum or container can also be done in a fully enclosed housing.

Innovative technology ensures that the operator is not exposed to particulate matter when opening and connecting the drum or container, and this guarantees a very safe working environment. The tipper is designed to automatically tip the container and empty it in a safe and efficient without leaving any residual product. This also applies in situations where the drum has an inner bag or where the content consists of sticky or very fine, poorly-flowing powders.

If desired, the drums or containers are conveyed manually or fully automatically on roller conveyors to the tipping system. After compartment closure, the drum or container is mounted in dust-free manner. The container is hermetically connected before it is rotated 180° and opened. The packaging unit is then emptied using vibration, air pulse or vacuum technology, ensuring that there is no residue. For drums with an inner bag, there is a special clamping system that holds the lining in place during emptying. We can also equip the automatic container tipper with a weighing system for an optimally controlled process.

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Dinnissen Process Technology also supplies high-quality silos for bulk material storage.

These corrosion-resistant silos with storage capacities of up to 1500 m³ are available in stainless-steel 304/316, aluminium and fibreglass-reinforced polyester. In regard to the desired flow properties of the powder, granular material or other dry matter, a 'shear cell' is simulated in our in-house lab. During this simulation, we determine the length/diameter ratio, the outflow diameter, the cone angle and the discharge system based on the desired flow properties. During this phase, other relevant choices are also made with regard to ATEX explosion protection, static charging, hygiene, FDA requirements and moisture management.

After all your choices have been tested and approved, Dinnissen also supplies and assembles the vibrating floors, aeration systems, silo filters, rupture disks, adsorption dryers, instruments, cage ladders, filling lines, roof rails and platforms. In short, your complete silo design is in safe hands with Dinnissen.

Would you like to know more about silos and system integration with them? Please feel free to contact one of our specialists without any obligation.

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We’re proud to be trusted by the best producers in the world

We’re proud to be trusted by the best producers in the world

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